Sunday, November 28, 2010

Technique Tags

Well after some "Mercedes" like production I was able to finish 5 sets of technique tags for the scrap weekend. I still have about 10 more to go for all my other scrappy friends who have yet to get theirs.

Here is a shot of the final product. They are great to just keep around especially for those with girls and anyone else wanting to add flowers to their pages.

Scrapweekend was eventful if nothing else - poor Crystal had an allergic reaction to something so we spend Saturday late night/early Sunday morning in the ER (boo!) and poor Aunt Barb got hit in the church parking lot Sunday morning :-/. Well here's to our next weekend where hopefully we will have a little more fun and get a little more done!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and here's to a homemade create holiday season!

P.S. Collage made at - my new favorite photo site, I see an upgrade to premium in my near future for a mere $24.95 with endless photo editing possibilities how can I resist?!