Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scraproom Remodel

Sometime back Jeff and I ripped the carpet out of my scraproom and finally my whining about getting a floor back in there paid off. So off to Home Depot we went and picked out some click and lock laminate (nothing fancy but better then concrete).

I got to work and emptied the entire room which was slightly shocking to Jeff in terms of how much stuff I had in there.

We scraped and vacuumed and prepped the floor, then we were ready to get started. We laid down the underlayment and then got to work on the floor.

What we figured out is that putting a new floor down, also means putting new trim up (and painting it, which also means painting the whole room (including the ceiling and the door) and adding a new hardware to the door (bye-bye gold door knob).

After a couple of weekends we were done and I was able to move all my scrap goodies back in.

NEXT UP - a trip to Ikea for a storage solution and new workspace (can you say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday?) Then it will be totally finished and I will be one happy scrapper!