Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tutu Cute

Yes... they are too too cute for sure! Jess mentioned a couple weeks ago we should make tutus for our little girls in our life so I said I was in. It was actually pretty easy, if you want to know how just ask. Here are the fun tutus that will be making their way down to El Paso, TX for my little Lillian and her baby sister that is yet to arrive.

Baby Cooke's tutu - pink and purple tulle, with pink organza ribbon and a couple little purple fire flies sewn on to the ribbon.

Miss Lillian's tutu - also pink and purple tulle, but with pink and teal organza ribbon and matching fireflies sewn around the waist line...

Okay girls, now its time to dance!!

P.S. (sorry Sarah...had Holdan been a girl, one would be coming your way as well)