Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Yarn Wreath

Just finished this beauty last weekend, hoping to get some momentum going with my crafting.

Foam wreath form
yarn (the cheapest stuff you can find in a color you like)
hot glue/gun
pre-cut felt letters and owls
2 in Satin Ribbon

Step 1: Wrap foam form until completely covered with yarn - here's where you can bring in color or leave it white.  Consider your door color, if its dark like mine you may want to go with a light color if it is white or light gray you may want to do something a little darker.

Step 2: You make the felt flowers of your choice, I used rolled, folded "s", and the spaghetti looking type.  It's easier find detailed instructions either on pinterest or the web to make them. 

Step 3: Adhere flowers in any fashion that looks nice to you - there is no set pattern.

Step 4: Cut out felt triangles and adhere precut letters  (welcome, your last name, or hello would make great phrases for the front door)

Step 5: Hot glue the pennants to rick rak or some other ribbon and the to the wreath.  Add the owls as a finishing touch

Step 6: Hang with a 2 in satin ribbon.

Viola!  Another great pinterest inspired craft :-)