Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cuff Queen

This week I went to my second knitting class and had a great instructor - Carmen, she taught us way more then the class said it would which was great! So this week I learned how to increase, decrease, and 2 new stitches as well as what books are good references and how to read patterns! My next couple projects are going to be way more exciting then scarves and cuffs, but it is still nice to finish something in a day so today I whipped up a pair of cuffs for a friend. I have to say I think I am the Cuff Queen after 5 pairs and they are fun to make so this will stay in my repertoire.

Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn in Spice
Size 13 Needles
Large-eye plastic yarn needle


Bethanie said...

These look like the ones you made me! I love them and have already gotten compliments on them :)