Friday, October 22, 2010

Okay, here we go...again

Life happens and sometimes you don't always have time to blog about it! What can I say, its been a crazy busy summer, then Jeff started a new job blah blah blah.

So to catch you up on my creative endeavors I am working on finishing some projects over the next couple weeks and will be taking photos of some of them I did finish with... my new camera! Yahoo! Jeff surprised me with the latest model of a camera I have been pining for, for about a year. It is the Canon G12. The best of both worlds - awesome auto photo taking capabilities and a bunch cool functions as well as the ability to shoot in the raw. I am so excited...well I have already gotten through 41 pages of the 220 page manual and I am going to test it out this weekend.

Stay tuned... I promise there are many more updates to come before 2010 slips away into the night.

Here's to your creative self! Make time to free your mind and create to make your heart feel great!